the giant wcw
The Giant (right) with his manager “The Mouth of the South” Bret Hart and interviewer “Mean” Gene Kiniski.

Longtime fans of professional wrestling may remember a seven-foot-tall behemoth named The Giant, who appeared in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the late 1990s, and then vanished from the sport as suddenly as he arrived. 

During his brief stint in professional wrestling, The Giant quickly rose the ranks of WCW — thanks in large part to the legacy of his father, iconic wrestler Andre the Giant (and his uncle, the Giant Machine). 

Much like his father, the younger Giant set his sights on legendary sports-entertainer Hulk Hogan, going straight for the Hulkster in his debut at Slamboree 1995. 

Sadly, The Giant fell off a five-storey roof at Halloween Havoc in 1995 and never wrestled again. He reportedly now works in retail at Gap Kids. 

His twin brother Paul, however, went on to achieve moderate success in World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) under the ring name “Triple H.” 

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