goldberg seagal
Steven Seagal (right) has said he could beat Goldberg using only his pinky toe.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a long list of celebrity guest alumni — from Mr. T to whoever the hell that Logan Paul schmuck was — but perhaps no Hollywood crossover has been as buzzworthy as the rumoured signing of martial arts movie legend and spiritual guru Steven Seagal. 

The 17th-degree aikido master and hunky Hollywood leading man, aged 77, is best known for his starring roles in Marked for Death, Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Kill Me Hard, Hard to Watch, and several training videos for Arby’s employees. 

According to a backstage source, who asked to be identified only as Ric F., the plan is for Seagal to challenge Goldberg to a match at The Greatest SummerSlam Ever in [REDACTED], with the winner earning the new WWE Inter-Emirates Championship. 

Although Seagal does not have a background in professional wrestling, he insists he is a “true master of all the combat arts” who will “defeat Goldberg in mind, body and spirit.”

The match is expected to go straight to DVD.  



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