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The Heartbreak Kid’s long struggle with computer technology is well documented.

Legendary professional sports-entertainer Shawn Michaels has achieved yet another career milestone: after decades of struggling to figure out how computers work, he finally sent an email yesterday. 

Michaels (real name Michael Wigglybottom) is a lifelong technophobe whose ill-fated encounters with computers has been well documented by WWE cameras over the years. 

Although he wrestles with the grace of a puma, Michaels becomes utterly paralyzed with confusion when faced with a laptop computer. He sometimes pokes away at the computer with two outstretched fingers and a pained look on his face, but in most instances he is just trying to figure out how to turn the computer on. 

That all changed today, however, when Michaels successfully sent an email from his new account, [email protected] The message read: 

“Your highness, I am so sorry to hear about your situation in Nigeria. I am happy to help. Where should I send the e-transfer? Be safe. Shawn.”

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