charlotte sasha cell
Expect both Charlotte and Sasha to be wearing the proverbial “crimson mask” in their ultraviolent encounter next weekend.

Insisting that their scheduled showdown inside the roofed Hell in a Cell steel cage was “too tame,” professional wrestlers Sasha Banks and Charlotte are now due to battle in a no-rope-barbed-wire-light-tubes-fans-bring-the-weapons deathmatch.

Although they are known for their athleticism and technical wrestling prowess, both Sasha and Charlotte began their careers doing “hardcore” or “garbage” wrestling, predominantly in IWA-Mid South, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

Charlotte’s gory 10,000-thumbtacks-barefoot-exploding-bombs deathmatch against Jun KasaiĀ is legendary for its depravity, while Sasha became notorious for surviving a 25-foot “roof bump” through flaming tables at the hands of Zandig.

Long before their WWE debuts, Charlotte and Sasha even faced each other in the semifinals of the CZW Ultraviolent Tournament of Death, which was stopped due to extreme blood loss after Sasha powerbombed Charlotte onto a pile of cacti and syringes.

Fans should expect to see much bloodshed and torn flesh when the duo square off yesterday, and ringside fans should avoid getting too close, since both Sasha and Charlotte contracted hepatitis duringĀ their bloody battles with Abdullah the Butcher.


Here are Charlotte and Sasha wrestling each other in Japan, when they both had slightly different looks: