climate change denier
If climate change were real, wouldn’t Scorpio be warm by now?

Peter Gudzowski, an adamant denier of the widely held scientific belief that global temperatures are rising due to human impact, demands that the “liberal media” explain why Scorpio is still 2 cold.

“Climate change is a lie perpetuated by liberal ‘pro-warmers’ like Scotty 2 Hotty, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert, and Harlem Heat,” writes Gudzowski on his blog.

“If climate change is real,” he added, “where is Sunday Night Heat?”

Gudzowski offers the following arguments to demonstrate that global warming is a hoax:

  • Steve Austin remains Stone Cold
  • R-Truth says global warming is a conspiracy
  • WCW’s Glacier has not receded
  • Al Snow is still prevalent

Gudzowksi is well known for his outlandish conspiracy theories, including his suggestion that the Max Moon landing was a hoax, and that the Giant Machine was actually Andre the Giant.