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Prominent gynecologist concerned about Cena’s lady parts

Cena lady parts

Dr. Charles Weiss performs an examination of John Cena after growing concerned about the condition of the WWE superstar's lady parts.

The recent online chatter about John Cena’s lady parts is “deeply worrisome,” says Dr. Charles Weiss, chief of gynecology at Harvard Medical School.

“The condition of Mr. Cena’s lady parts is a private matter, and I’m distressed to see so much talk on the subject on Twitter and other online news sources,” said Weiss. “It is certainly none of The Rock’s business.”

It was The Rock who first brought international attention to Cena’s lady parts during an in-ring verbal attack that got “much too personal,” according to Weiss.

“If there is something wrong with Cena’s lady parts, it is a medical issue, and should not be used as fodder for a wrestling feud.”

Faziri is not the only medical expert to have expressed concern over the war of words between Cena and The Rock.

The Rock’s repeated mentions of “boots to asses” inspired a series of public service announcements from the American Association of Colorectal Surgeons.

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