Repo Man
After discovering that his own car had been repossessed, Repo Man rushed to the local scrapyard, only to find that his car had been smashed by a crusher.

In what some are calling a slice of poetic justice, former WWE wrestler Repo Man awoke yesterday to discover that his car had been repossessed due to late payments.

“Damn,” Repo Man said, standing in his empty driveway wearing only a housecoat, slippers and ever-present eye mask. “Well, I guess I had that coming.”

When he went to retrieve his car from an impound lot, the immigrant desk clerk pointed toward the nearby scrapyard and simply said in broken English: “Demolition man smash car now.”

Repo Man dashed to the scrapyard, only to discover that his car had been crumpled into a cube by a Russian-made hydraulic machine called the Kruschev Crusher.