owen hart ribs
Owen Hart sits in God’s heavenly throne while God is out of the office.

Proving that his sense of humor is still intact 15 years after his untimely passing, the late professional wrestler Owen Hart pulled a clever prank, or “rib,” on God in Heaven.

When God was out of His holy office — listening to prayers and keeping the universe in motion — Owen sneaked up to His golden throne and replaced the pillow with a balloon full of milk.

While he was at it, Owen replaced God’s favorite white robe with one of “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s sequined blue robes.

After God unwittingly sat on the balloon and was spattered with milk, He reached for a clean robe, only to beĀ  surprised to find a garish robe that read “Simply Ravishing” on the back.

According to Davey Boy Smith, who saw the whole thing happen but insists he wasn’t directly involved, the prank was “bloody hilarious.”

“Curt Hennig and I were peeing ourselves behind the Pearly Gates,” Smith said.

God reportedly laughed off the prank, since it wasn’t the first time He had been ribbed by Owen.

Last year, Owen made a series of prank calls to God, pretending to be Vince McMahon and insisting that God was contractually obligated to perform one more tag team match with Shawn Michaels.