curtis axel bo dallas
Bo Dallas (inset) envies the long-term push enjoyed by Curtis Axel.

Despite first appearing on WWE programming only a few days ago, rookie star Curtis Axel has already enjoyed a promotional “push” twice as long as the one afforded to Bo Dallas.

Axel was introduced Monday as the newest “Paul Heyman guy,” putting him in an elite stable alongside Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. Less than three hours later, he was competing in a main event match against legendary wrestler and WWE executive Triple H.

Dallas, on the other hand, enjoyed a proverbial — and literal — 15 minutes of fame when he feuded briefly with Wade Barrett.

Dallas is reportedly envious of his fellow third-generation wrestler, given Axel’s comparative longevity on the main roster.

“Man, Curtis is living the dream,” Dallas said of his former NXT colleague.

“He has been a top WWE star for almost three days now. That’s the kind of long-term success I can only dream of.”

Dallas says he’s not bitter, but would someday like to “attain the longevity of Kizarny or Mantaur.”