Fans of professional wrestling worldwide are abuzz with excitement about tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view after today’s revelation that an iconic character from the past will be at the event.

That’s right, the guy who always wears a fluorescent green shirt with the smiley face on it, who somehow manages to get front-row seats for every goddamn show no matter where it is, will be at Elimination Chamber.

Known as Superfan Smilez (no, seriously), the green-shirted-guy is known for always sitting opposite the “hard camera” for maximal on-air exposure, leaning on the ringside barrier, and taking photographs with what seems to be a first-generation point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix.

It is believed that the fan and his ubiquitous ringside colleagues — such as “Brock Lesnar Guy” and “Long-Haired Simon and Woman Assumed to be his Mom” — are either lottery winners, Make-A-Wish recipients, or the keepers of very incriminating photos of someone in the McMahon family.

The Undertaker, also pictured in the above photo, will not be at Elimination Chamber.