when is rusev day.
Donald Trump says his military will “be putin’ on a hell of a show” during a parade on Rusev day.

Further fuelling speculation about possible collusion with Russia, WWE Hall of Famer and US President Donald Trump announced today that Rusev Day will become a national holiday, marked by a military parade in Washington.

“Believe me, nobody deserves a holiday in his honor more than the mighty Rusev, believe me, nobody,” Trump tweeted this morning. “Every September 26, Rusev Day will help make America great again.”

Although Rusev is Bulgarian, his devout allegiance to Russia is well known (as is that of his ravishing Russian wife), leading some counter-espionage experts to suggest that they are double-agents infiltrating the US through its most influential and intellectually stimulating form of popular culture, professional wrestling.

Robert Mueller, head of the ongoing investigation into meddling by Russia in the 2016 election, is reportedly planning to subpoena Rusev and Lana to testify after he has finished cross-examining Nikolai Volkoff, Ivan Koloff, and sympathizer Krusher Kruschev.

Trump dismisses allegations that Rusev and Lana had anything to do with the election, insisting on Twitter that he “machka’d Crooked Hillary fair and square.”