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Kenji Fujiwara is known as the King of Firm Style.

The so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is abuzz today with the announcement that Japanese pro wrestling (or “puroresu”) sensation Kenji Fujiwara has signed a multi-year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

A three-time IWGP Junior Middleweight Champion and two-time winner of the DragonFire SuperWrestle (DFSW) DREAMZ Tournament, the 28-year-old Fujiwara has earned the nickname “The Rising Son of the Rising Sun.”

“Fujiwara is, hands down, the best professional wrestler in the world today,” writes veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, who rated Fujiwara’s recent Tokyo Dome match against Tetsuya Hashimoto with an unprecedented 11 stars. “He might be the greatest wrestler to ever live.”

While relatively unknown to “mainstream” North American wrestling fans, Fujiwara has a devoted cult fanbase, who proudly wear t-shirts bearing the logo of the Projectile Posse, a faction of bad-boy wrestlers led by Fujiwara in Full Japan Pro Wrestling (FJPW).

Some skeptics, however, have suggested that wrestling nerds online will profess to love any obscure Japanese wrestler, even if that wrestler, like Fujiwara, does not actually exist.


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