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Chick Magnet (CM) Punk selflessly put over UFC rookie Mike Jackson in an exciting “worked shoot.”

Longtime sports-entertainer CM Punk, having already achieved numerous championships and accolades in his career, tonight selflessly “put over” developmental UFC talent Mike Jackson.

Although Punk would, of course, easily destroy Jackson in a legitimate fight, he graciously “did the job” for Jackson after the third round of their “worked shoot,” thus ensuring Jackson would get a “push” from UFC bookers.

In an interview after the “fight,” Punk said his primary goal was to “make Jackson look strong.”

Punk has previously “jobbed” for UFC rookie Mickey Gall, helping elevate Gall to the main roster of UFC (which they later discussed during an episode of UFC Drive Along).

By deliberately losing tonight’s “fight,” Punk has passed the proverbial torch to a new generation of independent (or “indie”) MMA “workers” who aspire to follow in Punk’s footsteps to main-event stardom.

Much like Chris Jericho and The Rock, Punk is expected to periodically reappear at major UFC pay-per-views to help “push” a new rookie into the spotlight.

For now, Punk will return to his other showbiz careers, starring the upcoming action film The Marine 9: Electric Boogaloo, and fronting his metal band, Fizzy.


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