OMG, aren’t they just the cutest?!

They may look like rough-and-tumble musclemen, but a group of professional wrestlers are absolutely adorable when they make their hands do smoochie-poochie-woochies and call each other “too sweet.”

Even though some of the wrestlers are now in their fifties, the manchildren still exchange finger-kisses and remark about one another’s sweetness, and an entirely new generation of wrestlers have taken up the cute, infantile gesture.

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It all began in the 1990s when “Sexy Boy” and his friend “Big Sexy” began sharing wolfie-kisses to demonstrate that they were part of a “Kliq” (that is, a clique, but deliberately misspelled to denote bad-boy edginess).

As the Kliq increased in membership, more boys learned the secret handshake, and they bullied other boys who weren’t part of their super-duper-special club.

To demonstrate their love for one another, the boys often shout in unison — in a high-pitched, vaguely effeminite tone — “too sweeeeeeeet.”

Millions of fans around the world enjoy emulating the wolfie-kiss gesture and the catch-phrase, apparently unworried about looking and sounding like preteen girls at a cheerleading tournament.




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