Professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has been known, in recent years, to say the most spectacularly asinine things, which seems to haver finally pushed his long-suffering brother, Ralph Hogan, to his breaking point. 

“No, I will NOT let you tell me something, brother,” 72-year-old Ralph reportedly screamed during the recent Hogan family Christmas dinner in Venice Beach. 

“I’ve never wanted you to tell me something,” Ralph continued, “but you always tell me something anyway! And it’s usually so brainless, I end up wishing you’d never told me that something, brother.”

Ralph Hogan has avoided the spotlight throughout his younger brother’s showbiz career, despite being mentioned in practically every promo Hulk ever delivered on television.

In recent years, though, Ralph has become especially annoyed by things his brother Hulk told him, such as: 

  • “Let me tell you something, brother: If Bischoff, Russo and I ran WWE, it’d be the biggest thing in the world, and here’s why…”
  • “Let me tell you something, brother: My views on the race relations in America are the following….” 
  • “Let me tell you something, brother: I met this evil gazillionaire who wants to help me destroy Gawker because they showed my gross humping video, and…”
  • “Let me tell you something, brother: Betty White got vaccinated, dude, and then she died, brother, right before she was about to blow the lid off the deep-state Satanic cabal that harvests the adrenalized blood of little Hulkamaniacs to create their evil poisonous vaccine, brother dude! I’ve doing my own research online, Jack, and I’ve discovered…”
  • “Let me tell you something brother: I think mom prefers you.”

Glenda Hogan, mother of Hulk and Theo, confirmed to reporters that Ralph is indeed her favorite, because “Hulk just keeps saying the darnedest things.”

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