Professional sports-entertainer and prescriptivist Brock Lesnar ran roughshod over the competition at Sunday’s Minnesota State Spelling Bee, which Lesnar won with a devastatingly correct spelling of “insouciant.”

Lesnar’s domineering victory came at the expense of six-year-old Timmy Ho, a young spelling whiz from Sacramento, who tapped out to Lesnar when stumped by the word “acquiescence.”

Though best known for his feats inside the squared circle and the UFC Octagon, Lesnar is an avid memorizer of words who takes his opponents to “Syntax City.”

The so-called Beast Incarnate will go on to compete at the National Spelling Bee  Division, where he will finally square off against his most fearsome rival, 12-year-old Jessica Giller of Omaha. 

Photo credit: the amazing @JaimsVanDerBeek

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