Professional sports-entertainer Riddle was forced to wrestle barefoot once again today after absent-mindedly leaving his wrestling boots at home, as he always does. 

Riddle wwe
WWE Superstar [FIRST-NAME UNKNOWN] Riddle always seems to be forgetting something.
“Bro,” the wrestler muttered to himself after opening gear bag backstage to discover his boots were missing again, for the 947th time in a row.”Brooo.” 

Nervous about catching athlete’s foot, Riddle wore flip-flops to the ring (but quickly and surreptitiously flung the flip-flops aside in hopes that nobody noticed his embarrassing footwear). 

Riddle then wrestled yet another entire match barefoot — something he hates to do, because he always ends up stubbing his toe on a ring-post or something. 

To avoid such problems again, Riddle intends to get his knuckles tattooed with the words BRING BOOTS. 

Funny, right? So are our t-shirts!

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