Kane libertarian
The relentless libertarian only briefly stopped yammering about laissez-faire economics when hit by a car.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion Daniel Bryan is living in perpetual fear as he and his new bride, Brie Bella, are being stalked and terrorized by a masked libertarian know-it-all named Kane.

Bryan and Bella can’t escape the relentless encroachment and lecturing of the self-righteous libertarian, who is determined to convince them that personal liberties trump government authority.

“No!” screamed Bryan in a vain attempt to tell the libertarian that he is not interested in hearing about laissez-faire capitalism with minimal state interference.


But the masked libertarian does not relent, always lurking around the next corner to inundate Bryan and Bella with longwinded arguments about a code of individual ethics devoid of state influence or church dogma.

It is believed that Bryan and Kane will finally square off at the Payback event, during which they will debate taxation as a basis federal subsidies for low-income families.

The debate is expected to be more exciting than the rest of the card.