Hand (left) wishes he could give his mother a round of applause on Mother’s Day.

The loss this past year of legendary female wrestler Mae Young was mourned by millions, but it is especially painful on Mother’s Day for Young’s only child, a rubber hand.

“I wish I could hug mom today — or, like, wrap my fingers around her or whatever,” said Hand, now fully grown and living with father Mark Henry.

“She was a great mom,” added Hand, giving a thumbs-up gesture for emphasis.

Hand was born 14 years ago, when Young was already 114 years old, after a pregnancy that baffled medical experts and wrestling fans alike.

Following Hand’s televised delivery, which caused widespread vomiting and befuddlement, mother and child lived a mostly quiet life away from the spotlight, often high-fiving or just waving at each other in adoration.

Hand is hoping to someday find a mate so he can give his late mother an overdue round of applause.