technical difficultiesAn Oklahoma television network has been inundated with angry letters from wrestling fans and evolutionary biologists after censoring a segment of WWE Raw featuring the three-man faction known as Evolution.

Tulsa-based OKLS-TV abruptly transitioned to a screen reading “Technical Difficulties — Please Stand By” when wrestlers Triple-H, Randy Orton and Batista entered the ring for a segment on Raw.

Although the station issued a statement claiming that the glitch was accidental, many observers insist the station habitually censors any on-air mentions of evolution or natural selection, given their viewership’s predominant belief in a Biblical creation story.

The incident has been compared to the incident in which an Oklahoma TV station censored the mention of “evolution” on the hit science show Cosmos.

The station also censored a segment involving the “demon” Kane, and bleeped Bray Wyatt’s claim to be a “god.”

The faction’s theme song, which starts with the words “Evolution is a mystery,” was also digitally altered to include the overdubbed lyrics: “Evolution is just a theory.”