Despite fallacious reports that the recent “AEW All In” event in England drew record-setting crowds, a whistleblower from within AEW revealed that the company “digitally added” thousands of apparent fans to the mostly empty event.

Video obtained by Kayfabe News appears to confirm the whistleblower’s suggestion that the event was poorly attended and digitally altered: 

  • Only seven fans are visible during the opening match, and four of them appear to be related to MJF
  • CM Punk received a tepid response, with most of the two-dozen fans mistakenly singing Slick’s “Jive Soul Bro” instead of Living Color’s “Cult of Personality
  • Attendance picked up to nearly 500 during the match between Will Ospreay and Chris Jericho, but only because a busload of birdwatchers mistakenly heard about a nearby flying osprey.
  • At least a dozen of the crotchety old spinsters at ringside are clearly stunt grannies 

The huge audience visible to at-home viewers was “just an illusion” created by artificial unintelligence, which tends out outsmart most wrestling fans. 

The whistleblower, wishing to remain anonymous, asked to be identified only as “Orange C.”

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