Hulk Hogan Mr. America
Mr. America, who is clearly not Hulk Hogan, poses for fans.

A crackpot conspiracy theorist, known for outlandish claims about 9/11 and the JFK assassination, has made his most implausible claim yet: that professional wrestler Mr. America was actually Hulk Hogan in disguise.

Cedric Winslow, known in online forums as RoswellTruth66, sent a 50-page manifesto to major news outlets explaining his flimsy theory that the patriotic masked wrestler was an alter-ego of Hogan.

“Just look at the blond moustache!” reads the manifesto. “Look at the wispy blond hair coming out from behind the mask! Look at the unnaturally orange, leathery skin! Look at the 24-inch pythons! ┬áIt’s Hogan!”

Winslow’s laughable theory has, of course, failed to gain much traction among the world’s mainstream media.

Although Winslow has the support of several fringe conspiracy groups, his theory about Mr. America is too outlandish for most sensible people to believe.

Although it is indeed true that Hogan and Mr. America were never seen in the same place at the same time — and Mr. America debuted in World Wrestling Entertainment shortly after Hogan was dismissed by Vince McMahon in 2003 — the theory is otherwise absurd.

Winslow sparked controversy last year with another crazy claim that the Giant Machine was actually Andre the Giant in disguise.