Andre the giant
Some conspiracy theorists believe The Giant Machine (left) was actually Andre the Giant in disguise.

More than 25 years after The Giant Machine first appeared in the World Wrestling Federation, some conspiracy theorists insist the masked Japanese behemoth was actually a disguised Andre the Giant.

The most vocal proponent of the conspiracy theory is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who still insists the resemblances between The Giant Machine and Andre the Giant are unmistakable.

“This is a travesty of justice,” wrote Heenan, who immediately raised his suspicions about The Giant Machine after he debuted in WWF with partner The Super Machine in 1986.

Sane and rational individuals, of course, realize that The Giant Machine could not have been Andre, because the former was Japanese and the latter was French.

Old conspiracy theories die hard, however, and wacko proponents of these zany ideas often make other outlandish claims, including that the Piper Machine was Roddy Piper, and the Hulk Machine was Hulk Hogan.

Hogan is frequently the subject of such nonsensical ideas, including the absurd allegation that he portrayed Mr. America.