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CM Punk has a one-fight lead over John Cena in UFC.

When most people think of professional wrestlers who have transitioned to mixed martial arts, they think of CM Punk, not realizing that John Cena is only one fight away from tying Punk’s record in the UFC Octagon.

In fact, a wide variety of WWE sports-entertainers — among them Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Epico Colon, the midget that Big Cass dressed up as Daniel Bryan, and many more — have UFC record’s almost indistinguishable from Punk’s.

“Punk is leading nearly all of his former WWE peers by the slimmest of margins when it comes to a MMA bouts,” writes analyst Dan Mutzler.

That will change tonight, however, as Punk returns to the Octagon to face Mike Jackson, who also currently has a mere one-fight lead over the majority of the WWE roster.

According to our investigative research, Brock Lesnar competed several times in UFC, and Bobby Lashley participated in a number of MMA fights against bullies who picked on his sisters.

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