Bray Wyatt girlfriend
WWE Superstar and world-eater Bray Wyatt is seeking a “minion” via dating website eHarmony.

Seeking companionship and a “vulnerable mind to warp,” professional wrestler and eater of worlds Bray Wyatt has created a surreal and phantasmagorical profile on dating site eHarmony.

According to the profile, Wyatt is seeking a “concubine” with whom he can form an “eternal bond that transcends the shackles of time, space, and reason.”

In the section of the profile about religion, Wyatt merely entered the word “self,” and he listed among his hobbies “crab-walking.”

So far the profile has attracted very few responses, though Wyatt has been trading messages with a peculiar woman known only as “Sister A.”

Wyatt reportedly decided he needed companionship and a minion after he “set free” the members of his so-called family, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, who recently married one another after the historic Supreme Court decision regarding such unions.

As part of the eHarmony profile, Wyatt encourages young women to abandon their own families and earthly belongings, to “embark of a shared journey to the place beyond the cognitive point-of-no-return.”

Added Wyatt: “No fat chicks.”