HHH bury
Hunter Hearst Helmsley buries the family’s big black cat, Ladd.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley, already notorious for “burying” wrestlers he feels are not marquee-level talent, was required yesterday to perform a more literal burial of his family’s late cat.

His teary-eyed children looking on in a Greenwich pet cemetery, Helmsley used his favorite shovel to dig the hole that became the final resting place of the big black cat, Ladd.

While wife Stephanie consoled the children — telling them that the cat is “going to live with God, who grandpa once wrestled” — Helmsley himself remained stoic, as if a part of him enjoys the feeling of burying lesser creatures.

Sources close to the family say that Helmsley never really liked the cat, considering it a “B-plus pet,” and has always been more fond of the dog they rescued from a junkyard, Ritter.

Helmsley explained to his children that he wished he didn’t have to bury the cat, but that it was “best for business” because cremations are expensive.

In the past, Helmsley has tried to shield his children from the sadness of losing a pet, like the time he bought a new goldfish to secretly replace a dead one, Fins McMahon.