Both men were already losing a hair match against Father Time.

Professional sports-entertainer Baron Corbin appeared on WWE Raw this week with a freshly shorn cranium, thus confirming that WWE had squandered its chance to pit him against Viktor in the most cathartic “Hair Match” in the promotion’s history.

“That would put butts in seats,” wrote veteran wrestling journalists Dan Mutzler of the so-called dream match between Corbin and Viktor.

“Two men with with scraggly ponytails fighting to retain their few remaining strands of greasy hair — it would be box-office gold!”

Sadly, Corbin has not only dashed all hopes of seeing such an epic showdown, but has also reduced the odds of a Brutus Beefcake run-in anytime soon.

Fans took to Twitter in droves to voice their disappointment: “What a letdown,” wrote one fan. “The only hair match that could possibly have been more satisfying than Corbin-Viktor would have been Hulk Hogan versus ECW-era Paul Heyman.”

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