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Randall Kennedy McMahon Orton Jr. debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling (in Scranton, Ohio) in 1984.

Legendary sports-entertainer Randy Orton has been sports-entertaining sports-entertainees for more than two decades, but only the most hardcore, longtime fans remember his auspicious rookie year in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) as The Prototype. 

Orton (real name Cowboy Ace Bob Randall Kennedy Orton Jr. Jr.) portrayed The Prototype as a half-human, half-douchebag cyborg impervious to pain, and tagged with such future WWE luminaries as Rico Constantino (real name Rick “Assman” Bassman) and Leviathan (real name Buddy L. Parker). 

OVW was a so-called “developmental territory” for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where promising young independent wrestlers would be thoroughly deprogrammed, then entirely reprogrammed for main-roster WWE Superstardom┬«. 

The invaluable training rookies received in OVW resulted in a slew of successful superstars: 

Orton, of course, had the advantage of being a second-generation sports-entertainer, following in the footsteps of his legendary step-father, John Cena Sr. 

Like many of his OVW peers, Orton transcended to Hollywood movie-stardom, forever becoming known for his willingness to go to the papers if he has to

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