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CM Smooth Jazz, formerly known as CM Punk, listens to Michael Bolton while doing cardio.

Although the monicker “CM Punk” accurately depicted the rebellious, anti-establishment attitude of his youth, a more mature and serene Phil Brooks has changed his  pseudonym to CM Smooth Jazz.

After more than a decade of success and popularity as an brash nonconformist with a chip on his shoulder, the man formerly known as CM Punk believes the older generation of wrestling fans will relate to his newer, tamer persona.

Brooks has abandoned his identity as a “voice of the voiceless” in favor of a new mantra: “Don’t make a fuss.”

His ring entrances to the wrestling ring and Octagon will no longer be accompanied by Living Colour’s 1988 hit “Cult of Personality,” but rather by popular adult contemporary saxophonist Kenny G’s 1993 single “Forever in Love.”

No longer a so-called Paul Heyman guy, Brooks has publicly stated on Twitter that he is now “more of a Paul Anka guy.”

Punk has also abandoned his drug-free, alcohol-free “straight-edge” lifestyle, admitting that he enjoys a nice glass of sherry while listening to Michael Bolton records.

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