young bucks superkick
The Young Bucks (Matt and Tito Jackson) aggravate their already-extensive thigh-cauliflowering.

Professional wrestling tag team The Young Bucks (Matt and Tito Jackson) have reportedly both been hospitalized with what doctors are describing as “extensive cauliflowering” to the outer thighs. 

Similar to cauliflower ear, cauliflower thigh a common affliction in wrestling — a lumpy calcification on the upper leg, typically suffered by wrestlers who tend to employ kicks — or “superb kicks” — in their offence. 

Sadly, cauliflower thigh still affects an estimated eight out of every 10 professional wrestlers “working” today. Although cases have dropped in WWE — practically overnight, somehow — they have skyrocketed in AEW and most independent promotions. The average indy wrestler today will have cauliflower thigh by the end of his first triple-threat match. 

It is unclear why only WWE wrestlers seem rather suddenly unaffected by cauliflower thigh lately, much like the time they suddenly and inexplicably stopped sustaining razor-thin gashes just under the hairline.

The Young Bucks are expected to make a full recovery, according to their brother Jermaine. 


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