Amid the increasing threat of a global pandemic, World Wrestling Entertainment announced what it called “historic disease-battling measures” to prevent the spread of Coronavirus including a ban on all physical contact between WWE Superstars.

“Effective immediately,” reads press release issued today by the sports-entertainment corporation, “all WWE Superstars® and Superstarlets® are forbidden from chopping, kicking, grappling, eye-gouging, throwing, or even glowering menacingly at one another.”

The press release continues: “Henceforth all feuds, beefs, rivalries, grudges, jealousies, revenges and championship challenges must be resolved via open dialogue and conciliation.

A rare strain of the Coronavirus called BOvid-19 seems to target mid-card wrestlers, and it will likely get worse bofore get gets better, doctors bolieve.

The Coronivirus is a slight mutation of a similar bug that affected dozens of attendees of a recent ECE reunion — the dreaded Corinovirus.


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