tribute troops wwe
WWE’s recently announced “Screw the Troops” campaign has drawn universal ire in the US (but praise in most of the rest of the world).

After more than a decade of producing patriotic annual “Tribute to the Troops” programs to honor the brave men and women of the Armed Forces, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has drawn widespread criticism by announcing this year’s broadcast will be called “Screw the Troops.”

Just like the nefarious villains that comprise roughly half of the WWE roster, the company itself has “turned heel” with the announcement — reportedly an attempt to attract an edgier, angrier demographic.

A poster for the upcoming program bears the image of the Iron Sheik, accompanied by the slogan: “Iran Number One! USA, Ach-Tooie!”

Most fans and wrestling pundits are shocked by the news, given that WWE is usually rife with jingoistic cheerleading of the American military, fuelled by the fiercely patriotic Vince McMahon.

Matches already announced for the December 25 program include Rusev versus John Cena, Muhammad Hassan and Daivari versus Jack Swagger and Corporal Kirchner, and several Iraqi Scud Missiles versus Hulk Hogan.

Large groups of justifiably outraged Americans are demanding a boycott of the program, insisting that it is almost as offensive as the majority of storylines during WWE’s Attitude Era.


[Seriously, though, yay troops!]