Sheamus Ziggler arse
These two sexy beasts will fight for the opportunity to make out with one another’s buttocks.

Just when you thought World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) couldn’t get any sexier, the company is turning up the heat with a steamy stipulation that will see one oiled-up musclemen orally pleasure one another’s firm buttocks.

Fans can expect to salivate with anticipation when the two gorgeous specimens of man-meat, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, square off next weekend in a “Kiss Me Arse” match, which will culminate in one of WWE’s most titillatingly homoerotic moments ever.

The match is the brainchild of butt fetishist Vince McMahon — the pioneer of hot mouth-to-derriere action in WWE — who promises next weekend’s Extreme Rules event will be “sexy… to the extreme!”

“We give members of the WWE Universe what they want, and clearly they want to see one man’s lips on another man’s bare bottom,” said McMahon, whose own toned rump has been orally satisfied by at least four of his manservants.

“It is going to be super-hot!”

According to backstage sources, McMahon is considering a number of new stipulations for future pay-per-views, including a “Spank My Naughty Tushy Match,” a “Tickle My Nipples With A Feather-Duster Match,” and a “Nuzzle the Nape of My Neck Until I Fall Asleep in the Sweet Warmth of Your Embrace Match.”