vince mcmahon indy
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is a self-described “huge Tomasso Ciampa mark.”

Sports entertainment mogul Vince McMahon admitted today that, despite his decades at the helm of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he much prefers independent wrestling and is currently  “totally hooked” on California-based promotion Pro Wrestling  Guerrilla (PWG).

“WWE has become so corporate,” McMahon said in a stark departure from his usual policy of refusing to acknowledge wrestling companies other than his own.

“I like the grittiness and honesty of the indy scene, you know?”

McMahon recently sat ringside at a PWG show at a Legion in Reseda, CA, and brought a large cardboard sign reading “Sleaze,” in support of his favorite wrestler, Joey Ryan.

McMahon has reportedly spent thousands of dollars at on PWG videos, and has purchased every shirt available at Chris Hero’s ProWrestlingTees store (despite having released Hero from WWE in 2013).

McMahon says he occasionally watches Raw, and thought WrestleMania 31 was “better than expected,” but he still spends most of his time posting WWE spoilers on Reddit.