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Can WWE stock prices “kick out” of this downturn?

The stock price of World Wrestling Entertainment suffered a “bodysmash” of its own this week after leaked documents revealed to shareholders that the outcomes of some of the company’s bouts may be pre-determined.

Company stock “choke-dropped” by more than 20 percent on Friday after allegations surfaced that not all WWE matches are authentic contests of grappling prowess — some may be scripted spectacles in which the “competitors” are actually cooperating to create the illusion of combat!

It’s no wonder that some shareholders are “tapping out,” given that WWE’s reputation as a respectable sporting organization is now “on the ropes” and perhaps even “down for the count.”

According to the leaked documents, “at least several” matches on last year’s WrestleMania card had pre-ordained outcomes upon which the wrestlers agreed in advance, which raises questions as to just how many other WWE matches are more exhibition than contest.

A WWE spokesperson, who asked to be identified only as Shane M., called the allegations “nonsense,” and urged shareholders to have confidence that this year’s WrestleMania will be “completely on the up-and-up.”

But some financial experts, such as Harvard economics professor I. Ronald Schyster, told Kayfabe News that the allegations of match-rigging, if true, could spell financial “pinfall” for the company due to “complete consumer loss-of-faith in the veracity of the product.”

Also, WWE ousted some senior executives yesterday, but that did not seem to affect stock prices.

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