wwe conor mcgregor
“Nyah-nyah,” tweeted McGregor.

A war of words has erupted between UFC fighter Conor McGregor and the WWE roster, proving once again that musclebound, tattoo-bedecked knuckleheads who tussle in skimpy spandex are incapable of intelligent discourse.

McGregor started the bickering by calling WWE wrestlers “pus**es” during a press conference, to which several WWE superstars responded on Twitter with: “I know you are but what am I?!”

McGregor responded with a tweet of his own, clarifying that he “didn’t mean no disrespect” to WWE fans, but insisting he can “fight gooder” than WWE wrestlers.

“Shut up,” tweeted WWE star AJ Styles.

“No you shut up,” replied McGregor.

“No YOU shut up,” chimed in Sheamus.

“No YOU shut up — called it, stamped it, no erasies,” retorted McGregor.

“Your (sic) a jerkface,” tweeted Roman Reigns.

The name-calling battle came to an end when McGregor and the wrestlers ran home teary-eyed and tattled to their mothers, who revoked their internet privileges for a week.


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