wwe cake
Chef Pierre Dupuis (inset) says he is tired of watching his culinary creations be destroyed.

Pierre Dupuis, longtime executive chef of World Wrestling Entertainment’s catering department, resigned today after yet another one of his meticulously prepared cakes was destroyed uneaten.

“Ah, merde!” the French chef was heard cursing backstage at Monday Night Raw when Lana was shoved face-first into one of his masterpieces. “Again?”

During his decade-long tenure with WWE, Dupuis has meticulously prepared more than three-dozen cakes — all of which have been destroyed during disastrous in-ring celebrations of weddings, birthdays, and other milestones.

Renowned as one of the most accomplished dessert chefs alive today, Dupuis joined WWE for the allure of travelling the world, but has become increasingly frustrated by the “behavior of the filthy animals” who don’t appreciate his culinary expertise.

Dupuis was reportedly on the verge of quitting last month, when a beautiful meal he provided for WWE’s Fourth of July celebrations became ammunition for a full-roster food fight.

Following Dupuis’ resignation, a memo was sent to the entire WWE roster alerting them that catering will henceforth consist entirely of Booty-Os, ice cream bars, and ICO PRO.