rigged trump
Donald Trump has made the preposterous allegation that even his own WrestleMania showdown was “rigged.”

Barely a week after suggesting the U.S. presidential election will be “rigged,” republican candidate Donald Trump took his conspiracy theory to the extreme by suggesting the same is true about professional wrestling.

“Listen, nobody knows the system better than me,” Trump said, “and I’m telling you the American democratic electoral system and pro wrestling are both rigged, OK?”

Although Trump offered no supporting evidence such a preposterous claim (providing evidence for preposterous claims is not exactly his forte), he at least has some experience in pro wrestling, whereas he has none in politics.

Trump’s ridiculous allegation would imply that even his infamous showdown with WWE mogul Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23 — which resulted in McMahon’s head being shaved — was itself “rigged.”

Any reasonable person, however, knows this couldn’t possibly be true, because McMahon would never deliberately make himself look foolish on camera.