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National Emergency vow to “transform the Elimination Chamber into the Immigration Chamber.”

According to leaked WWE documents, this weekend’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view will see the return of the lawnmower-riding trio formerly known as the Mexicools — re-branded as National Emergency.

The script says the members of National Emergency will sneak-attack Seth Rollins by climbing over the ringside barrier, given that walls and other barriers are ineffective in preventing such incursions.

The members of National Emergency — Super Crazy, Psicosis, and Juventud Guerrera — will also receive new names: Super Druggy, MS-13, and Human Traffickerrera.

Some pundits are criticizing the new storyline, saying it too closely mimics yesterday’s declaration of a national emergency by WWE Hall of Famer and US “president” Donald Trump regarding the nonexistent crisis at the US/Mexico border.

But WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has responded to such critics that “sports entertainment and politics are totally separate, quite frankly.” Then McMahon returned to his dinner party with Trump and the president’s small business administrator, Linda McMahon.


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