The Undertaker will reportedly be retiring from pro wrestling “in a Terry Funk kind of way.”

Legendary sports entertainer The Undertaker (real name Cab Calaway) is known for his ominous visage and macabre tattoos, but what most fans don’t know is that his skin “ink” is entirely temporary, re-applied with a warm, damp cloth before every match.

In real life, The Undertaker is deathly afraid of needles (as well as snakes, clowns and cucumbers), so he has never sat in a tattoo artist’s chair.

Keen-eyed viewers have spotted the occasional gaffe, such as when he forgot to reapply the “SARA” tattoo he wore for a time on his neck.

These little-known facts about the Undertaker have been revealed on the Phenom’s new podcast, Dead Man Talkin’.

Other surprising facts about The Undertaker:

  • He actually stands only five-foot-nine, but risers in his boots and camera trickery make him appear much larger
  • He cannot actually summon lightning, but he can burp the alphabet
  • He spent a number of years performing in both WWE and TNA, in the latter organization under the pseudonym “Abyss”
  • He was initially considered to portray the Red Rooster, but in his tryout he lost a cock-a-doodling contest to Terry Taylor

Now free from his WWE contract,  the Undertaker is performing on the independent circuit as a character he has always wanted to portray: Fake Diesel. He squares off this weekend at Alpha-1 Wrestling in Hamilton Ontario against a wrestler he calls his “dream opponent,” Space Monkey.

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