In a misguided attempt to stay ahead of the technological curve, World Wrestling Entertainment launched its new Myspace page today.

The page was reportedly created at the orders of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who insists that the company “do all that social media stuff,” but isn’t terribly savvy when it comes to the specifics.

The page,, features WWE theme music that plays automatically, numerous animated icons, some poorly formatted historical information about the company, and a WWE tour schedule that is woefully out of date.

Although WWE’s Vice President of Social Media insisted the Myspace page was a bad idea because the social networking site has fallen out of popularity, McMahon demanded that the company “must bombard people with every internetty thingy available.”

The company already has presences on Twitter, Facebook, a smartphone app, YouTube, Tout, Tooter, Twiddle, YouFace, and, all of which Michael Cole is required to mention on air at least three times per minute.

According to sources within the company, WWE will have a Friendster account by the end of next month.

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