go to sleep gts
Randy Orton verbally delivers a modified GTS.

Professional wrestler Randy Orton delivered a variation of CM Punk’s patented finisher, the Go To Sleep (GTS), merely by talking into a microphone.

With an icy stare and slow-paced monotone, Orton delivered an in-ring promo that, after only 90 seconds, completely incapacitated rival Daniel Bryan by lulling him into a deep slumber.

Unlike CM Punk, who delivers the GTS by hoisting an opponent onto his shoulders and then dropping him face-first onto an uplifted knee, Orton’s version of the GTS is more of a psychological tactic than a physical attack.

The slow, measured, and thoroughly unexciting style of Orton’s promos is a form of hypnotic suggestion, which causes opponents to lose consciousness from sheer tedium.

Orton’s GTS is so effective, in fact, that millions of television viewers have reported feeling very sleepy simply by watching Orton deliver it.

Orton’s variation of the GTS is commonly used among performers in TNA Wrestling.