Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) were shocked last night when, for the second time in four days, a WWE executive led a renegade team of WWE employees in an invasion of WWE programming.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (real name Terrance Ryzing), the chief operating officer of WWE, led a mutiny his own company by bringing a cadre of performers from NXT (a wholly owned subsidiary of WWE), who challenged fellow WWE performers to fight on WWE programming.

nxt invasion
WWE performers with black clothes and wet hair confront another WWE performer with black clothes and wet hair, while a WWE executive eggs them on.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” exclaimed commentator Jerry Lawler, who has seen exactly this kind of thing during the WCW invasion, the WCW invasion, the first NXT invasion, and the less interesting Corre invasion.

The invading performers, who have trained at the WWE Performance Center, will continue to “invade” Raw and Smackdown without any obstruction from WWE security, and then perform at WWE Survivor Series.

If this new “invasion” of WWE is successful, it could re-shape WWE in much the same way that past invasions did not.



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