Although fans of professional sports-entertainment rarely agree on anything, they are near-unanimous in the collective hope that tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw — much like last Friday’s SmackDown program — will greatly benefit from the majority of the roster being waylaid with travel delays.

Due to most of the SmackDown roster being stranded Friday at the airport in [REDACTED], the program was unusually spontaneous and unpredictable, with many rookies and mid-carders getting an overdue piece of the spotlight, resulting in the best episode of Smackdown in recent memory.

While such travel delays seem unlikely now that the entire WWE roster is back in the United States, fans are joined in their collective wish for a freak snowstorm or airport security breach to prevent most of the roster from appearing.

Social media is already buzzing with optimistic posts bearing the hashtag #RawTravelDelayPlease, and fans in online forums are suggesting “dream matches” for an understaffed episode of Raw, including Akam vs. Rezar, Zack Ryder vs. EC3, and a one-hour Iron Man Match pitting Eric Young against Aleister Black.

Fans have also started a GoFundMe campaign to bribe the driver of a bus chartered by WWE to get hopelessly “lost” while transporting much of the roster to the arena.

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