The emotionally gripping love triangle unwatchably misguided claptrap involving professional sports-entertainers Rusev, Lana, and Lashley heated up got dumberĀ again last night, and you are not going to believe give a crap what Lashley said to Lana in front of the Bulgarian Brute.

rusev lana still together
The thing on the left happened, and the guy on the right was all, like, “Oh no.” And so forth.

I am a real man, unlike that Bulgarian bum Something something something [ham-fisted sexual innuendo], something something,” said Lashley, which drew a chorus of boos indifferent yawns from the audience at a WWE Live Event house show in New York Jersey.

Ruvev, enraged wondering what happened to his “Rusev Day” popularity, screamed into the microphone: “You are going to pay for stealing my wife trapping me in this hokey mid-card filler. I deserve to be with Lana in the main-event picture!”

The bitter rivalry between masterclass in bad acting featuring Rusev and Lashley is being spurred by Lana, a fiercely strong and independent representative of the WWE Women’s Revolution buxom trophy wife to whichever muscleman wins her affection through fighting.

Wrestling fans have never seen anything like this sordid affair have seen this kind of nonsense many times before, and the drama is sure to drive WWE ratings through the roof basement.

[Source: WWE press release. Edited for clarity and accuracy].


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