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McClutcheon took what’s known in the wrestling business as a “sick zooming bump.”

Todd McClutcheon, a longtime camera operator for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is expected to be out of action for 12-14 weeks after shattering several bones in his wrist during a particularly hyperactive zooming session.

An audible snap was heard was heard from McClutcheon’s right scaphoid when, during the attack on Daniel Bryan by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, McClutcheon attempted to zoom in and out 30 times in a five-second period.

“The hazards are real,” McClutcheon later tweeted with his one good hand. “WWE cameramen are trained professionals, who spend years training in hyperactive zooming. Please, don’t try this at home.”

camera zoom
This extreme zoom led to debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome for camera operate Pete Paulson.

Zooming-related injuries are on the rise among WWE camera operators amid the company’s ever-increasing penchant for nauseatingly sudden closeups and jump-cuts.

A dramatic rise in seizures has also been reported among wrestling fans, believed to be sparked by the strobe-like quickness of edits in WWE programming.

The American Health Association issued an advisory today urging fans to not look directly at their televisions while a dastardly heel is delivering a beatdown to a babyface, which is when the zooming seems to reach its most dangerous frequency.

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