kofi kingston
Viewers of WWE Smackdown were surprised to see Kofi Kingston’s arm raised in victory when the show returned from commercial break.

Fans watching a televised broadcast of a professional wrestling were disappointed Friday when, in an unprecedented turn of events, an exciting match came to an end during a commercial break.

When WWE’s Smackdown program went to commercial, Kofi Kingston had just performed a diving attack out of the ring to Antonio Cesaro, leaving both men crumpled on the ringside floor.

Although Michael Cole had urged fans to “stay tuned because the match continues after this short break,” the bout came to a surprising end just moments later when Kingston won by countout.

When Smackdown returned from commercial, television viewers only caught a brief glance of Cesaro hobbling back toward the locker room.

The commentators apologized for the unforeseen premature ending to the match, but reminded viewers that “anything can happen in the WWE.”

Many viewers were perplexed by the poor timing of the commercial break, however, given that Smackdown is a pre-taped show.