Daniel Bryan Brie wedding
Daniel Bryan poses with someone he hopes is his fiancee.

In what is being called “an understandable mix-up,” professional wrestler Daniel Bryan this week accidentally proposed marriage to the wrong Bella Twin.

Bryan decided to pop the question backstage at a recent WWE event by sneaking up on his would-be fiancee and handing her a vegan cupcake with an engagement ring embedded in the frosting.

He had intended to present the ring to longtime girlfriend Brie Bella, but actually proposed to her identical twin, Nikki, who is dating sidelined wrestler John Cena.

From the back, the Bella Twins are virtually indistinguishable from one another, which accounted for the confusion.

Nikki happened to be wearing a constrictive sports bra at the time, which concealed two of her most distinguishing characteristics.

Nikki, assuming that Bryan was just making a joke, responded to the accidental proposal with an enthusiastic homage to Bryan’s catch-phrase: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”