Breaking bad finale spoilers
The producers of Breaking Bad have decided it would be foolish to compete with Total Divas.

The long-awaited finale of crime-drama Breaking Bad has been postponed in order to avoid a scheduling conflict with a re-run WWE reality program Total Divas.

Breaking Bad, the hugely popular saga in which a cancer-afflicted high school teacher becomes a crystal meth overlord, has been crescendoing toward its scheduled climax tonight.

Knowing that it would “certainly lose in a ratings battle against a re-run of Total Divas,” however, the Breaking Bad finale has been “postponed until further notice,” according to an AMC press release.

“There is no way that a gritty crime opus could possibly compete against a show in which Natalya and JoJo go shopping for shoes,” admitted Breaking Bad creator and writer Vince Gilligan.

“I could never create characters as compelling and multi-faceted as Eva Marie and Cameron.”

Although many TV viewers are interested to see whether meth kingpin Walter White will get his comeuppance for his ruthless violence and betrayal, millions more are curious as to whether John Cena will finally pop the question to Nikki Bella.