Fans of professional wrestling are unanimously delighted today following the announcement that universally beloved wrestling superstar and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is running for the United States presidency. 

Trump, arguably the most popular and talented stars in WWE history, said last night that his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was the “proudest moment” of his life, but that being elected US president will be “a close second.”

Thanks to the indelible impact he made on sports entertainment, Trump is universally adored among wrestling fans, and generally considered the greatest WWE star of all time. His “Battle of the Billionaires” with Vince McMahon is widely considered the greatest match in wrestling history, in which he single-handedly defeated McMahon with his technical wrestling prowess. 

Because wrestling fans are incredibly loyal to their in-ring heroes, they are willing to overlook occasional missteps in Trump’s career, such as his incessant lying, sociopathic narcissism, disdain for democracy, lecherousness, endless legal problems, egomaniacal self-aggrandizement, semi-illiteracy, decades of grifting, and other traits that remind them fondly of Vince McMahon. 


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